We are Connected

Poetry by Laura SchulkindWinter 2017 


I watch the tightrope walker
high above me arms spread
and cannot help tilting just as she tilts,
leaning when she leans,
catching my breath and
tensing my legs to hold myself to the ground
each time she wobbles. 

We are connected.
Her walk is my walk.
Her fall would be my fall.
And when she arrives safely at the far perch, it is a gift.
For a moment I am safe.


Poet and writer Laura Schulkind is an attorney by day, where she is entrusted with others’ stories. Through fiction and poetry she tells her own. Her chapbook, Lost in Tall Grass, was released in May 2014 (Finishing Line Press); her poetry and fiction has also appeared in numerous journals and can be seen on her website:, along with musings on why “lawyer-poet” isn’t an oxymoron.

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