• Kevin Leckey, photographer

    Kevin Leckey

    Kevin Leckey is a photographer in Chicago. Follow him as he tumbles through the Windy City, DSLR in hand.

    kcleckey [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Jennifer Kan Martinez, writer

    Jennifer Kan Martinez

    "Sailing on Light"

    Welcome, writers and storytellers.  As you soar through life, wings flapping furiously, may this be a little rock for you to perch upon, rest for a while and maybe find some inspiration.

  • Lumumba Seegars, actor/singer

    Lumumba Seegars

    "Back to Soul"

  • Mahlet Seyoum, writer/actress

    Mahlet Seyoum

    Good artists borrow
    Great artists steal. 

  • Gillian West, actress/ model

    Gillian West

    "Let's Not Make a Fool of Myself"

    Trying to make it in the modeling & theatre scene in Chicago. "Trying" being the key word.