The Diverse Arts Project (The DAP) is a literary journal and art/cultural space. We publish critical and creative reflections on the arts and society, focusing on reflections from diverse perspectives. We view art and creative production as a social process, a function of and contributor to society and politics. As such, part of our goal is to explore the various definitions and exclusions within the world by expanding the number and type of people who are included in artistic and intellectual dialogic and productive spaces. This is our project to diversify the world of ideas. 


Matthew Clair

Jennifer Kan Martinez

D. W. C.

Alix S. Winter


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Submit Non-fiction essays & memoir

We publish rigorous, critical and creative non-fiction on a continual basis. With regard to style, we look for work that is narrative or creative in form and does not shy away from meaningful authorial intrusions. We publish short memoir pieces as well as critical pieces that verge on the academic. With regard to content, we seek work that relates in some way to the arts or cultural phenomena from a diverse perspective. Timeliness and newsworthiness generally are not a concern. Humor is often good, but discretion is even better. 

To submit your non-fiction work, email us with your name/ bio and your completed work pasted (not attached) in the email.


Submit art & literature:

The DAP Journal is an online literary journal of creative writing, visual art and music from a diverse range of artists. We publish 2-4 times a year. 

We accept previously unpublished films, paintings, photography, fiction, poetry and reviews. We like art that is unique and that highlights the intricacies of cultures often left out of the mainstream art world. We want to be moved and enlightened. 

If you would like to submit your creative work for consideration for publication, submit through our Submishmash Account. We consider submissions throughout the year on a rolling basis.

Please note that if your work is accepted, we will acquire first electronic publishing rights. All other rights revert to the artist after publication. Published work will remain in our online archives. We ask that if your work is reprinted, you acknowledge "The Diverse Arts Project" as the original place of publication. By submitting to us, you agree to these terms.