Progress with Traffic Light

Poetry by John Grey, Fall and Winter 2014/2015

They said, you cannot have this.

No more tavern, no more workman's lunches.

And the chalkboard has to go.

It's burn the burgers. Fry the fries.

Smash the beer bottles. Yank out the taps.

You've had corn yield talk too long already.

Chili, snappy waitresses, likewise.

Progress can't abide pork futures.

And it hates what locals say about the weather.


We're giving you a brand new store,

Chinese workers in a great big box.

We're even putting in a traffic light.

And plenty of parking.

No more gatherings and shooting the shit.

It's get in, buy your stuff, get out, save big time.


So stop with the placards.

Enough with the shouting.

What do you mean,

there's no place left to go?

You've got your memories.

Hang out there.


John Grey is an Australian born poet. Recently published in Paterson Literary Review, Southern California Review and Natural Bridge with work upcoming in the Kerf, Leading Edge and Louisiana Literature.   

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