Poetry by Christine Amezquita, Fall 2013


I am picking pears

from the backyard tree



Ah beh sey

            de eh efe hey


I am

              the sun      at dusk,

he tells me


vete        ya es tiempo.


acheh e hota ka

              ellay       emay

                           ehney ehnay



water                 from the river

and rises to my tobillos.

         the tendons

of mi abuelita’s chestnut skin,

a topography map de su apellido

         to this bath,

as her hand drives

through the tina


to shower on my head.


oh peh ku

                   errrrrrreh        teh


To pour heated leche

necesitas a cuidarse. Wrap the handle

in una toalla and             away

from oneself.


ou veh

              exis             zeta


There is night

on the tongue


Christine Amezquita is currently an MFA candidate at Georgia College and State University. She is originally from the Midwest. 

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