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A Gchat Conversation

Gah. Once again, I’m one day late for my “weekly” reflection. As soon as I get internet in that new apartment of mine…I have realized, though, that not having constant access to the internet can be a good thing. Now, when I finally get the internet, I spend more time actually being productive as opposed to having random gchat conversations that usually resemble this one:


Me: So…how’s it going?

Friend: Great. U?

Me: cool. Same.

Friend: Yeah.

Me: So…what are you doing?

Friend: At work. Bored.

Me: Yeah

Friend: So…u?

Me: Looking at some lines. Listening to some music.

Friend: Oh nice, that’s wassup.

Me: Yeah, 2012 is gonna be crazy.

Friend: Yeah. Nice.

Me: Yeah, you check out my website yet?

Friend: Oh yeah, not yet. Will do soon. I’m swamped at work.

Me: Oh no worries. It’s www.LumumbaSeegars.com Check it out.

Friend: Oh thanks.

Me: Yeah, it’s in the email I sent you.

Friend: I know

Me: Oh ok, cool.

Friend: So…any gigs coming up?

Me: Yeah Feb 25th. Laugh and Shout part 2. It’s going to be crazy.

Friend: Nice nice.

Me: Yeah, 2012 is gonna be crazy.

Friend: Yeah…so…I’m gonna get back to work now.

Me: Okay. Talk to you soon. We should hangout soon

Friend: Oh yea, definitely. Let’s do brunch?

Me: Yeah we should! Let’s play it by ear.

Friend: Sounds good. Peace.

Me: Peace. Oh, btw, did you see my latest blog entry?

Friend: No, not yet. I’ll read it after I check out your website.

Me: Ok cool cool. Ohhh, what about my latest policymic article?

Friend: Naw, I’ll check that out after your blog.

Me: Awesome. We def need to do coffee soon.

Friend: Yeah, we should.

Me: Cool. Let’s play it by ear.

Friend: Great.

Me: Ok, I’ll let you go to your meeting. I need to go work on music.

Friends: I thought you were doing lines?

Me: Meh. I go back and forth.

Friends: Cool. Peace.

Me: Peace.


I bore myself sometimes…

But anyway, congrats to the Giants and the Patriots! I actually rooted for the Raven and 49ers, but I guess you can’t rely on field goal kickers and punt returners for happiness. I’d rather just watch Vernon Davis cry or Barack Obama sing.

Okay, time to go work on lines, write music, or bother somebody on gchat…


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