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Kevin Leckey is a photographer in Chicago. Follow him as he tumbles through the Windy City, DSLR in hand.

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Going Back

I'm slowly realizing that one of the most frustrating things about creativity is how transient it seems.  The muse comes and goes, but you're expected to continue putting out work.  That's why I try to get out and shoot every chance I get.  That way, with enough of a catalog, I could theoretically be "producing" work forever!

In any event, these shots are from a trip to Breckenridge I took with my dad last year.  More panoramas!



 (Click the picture to make it really big)

Bridges are always a particularly beautiful sight.  The fact that they're passing over a clear, flat stretch of water opens up the landscape.  This is just a shot I took last night on the way home from The Kingston Mines.  It's a panorama from 3 different shots and 3 different exposures.


Moving to Chicago


I've been in the process of moving to Chicago over the last two weeks through a long and unnecessarily convoluted process.  I've been up and back from St. Louis more than I need to, but I've finally settled in, and that means I'm back to posting.

I'll be taking my camera along with me on excursions throughout the city, and I'll be able to post what I find on the site.  Today's shot came from a 15 minute trip around the block with one of my new roommates.  We were surveying the surroundings, and unfortunately the sun had fallen too low to get any good light.  Thankfully, the sign was still reflecting the orange glow of the sky, and when coupled with the plea for you to keep your dog in line, it made an interesting shot.  

The rest:



Taking Off

This shot was a product of a visit to the park with my family.  As with pretty much every photo shoot I've ever had, it was an unexpected encounter with some beautiful light and a great location.  I went ahead and pulled my camera out and started shooting, coming up with some shots I really liked.  

This is largely indicative of my approach to photography right now.  I happen to have my camera handy, notice the conditions are right, and come up with something.  While I'm writing for the DAP, I'll be passing along some of those shots and explaining the story behind them.  More importantly, I'll be challenging myself to explore aspects of photography I haven't yet had practice with.  I hope to develop my skills as a photographer and operate under tighter and tighter constraints until I can emulate what I love.

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