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Kevin Leckey is a photographer in Chicago. Follow him as he tumbles through the Windy City, DSLR in hand.

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I'm back from my trip, which means brand-spankin' new photos for you!  This was my first view of Houston as I waited outside the airport.  Turns out that all those twisting roads and tramways make for some interesting architecture.  This shot was actually kind of tough to pull off due to a constant stream of cars pouring through, many of which liked to stop and linger right in front of me.  Somewhat serendipitously I sent my mother to the wrong terminal to get me, giving me plenty of time to get the shot.  

And in color:

This is yet another example of the many ways photographers have to think about composing their shots.  Black and white or color?  Lonely people waiting around or a desolate wasteland?  Strong contrast or soft colors?  Which one do you prefer and why?


Hasselblad Masters

The Hasselblad Masters competition is among the most prestigious in the world.  The people who get selected for this are the most professional of the professional.  In fact, their photography is so mind-blowing that I refuse to sully it by posting any preview images on my page.  Go check it out for yourself, and make sure you explore all of the categories.

2012 Masters Finalists



Still on the road!  This afternoon my father and I played a round of golf in western PA.  The lighting was terrible due to an overcast sky, but rolling hills and the fall colors made it beautiful nonetheless.  I took this shot from the 14th hole, which runs perpendicular to another hole and about 50 ft above it.  It was pretty stunning, but tough to capture on my phone.  Instagram to the rescue!



I'm headed home to Texas for a bit, so I won't be able to update too much.  The good news is that there are people who look like this in Texas:

Taken at SXSW, so I admit this individual could have come from elsewhere. But it was still shot in Texas...


That's it.  The last of the Palm Springs pictures.  I have some more, but quite frankly, I'm bored of looking at pictures of the desert and can't imagine anyone else feels any differently.