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Trying to make it in the modeling & theatre scene in Chicago. "Trying" being the key word. 

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let's adjust! 

I figured I should do another post, though there isn't much to talk about. I have my first audition on the 27th a the Right Brain Project, for it I have to prepare a side from one show and a classical monolouge for the other two plays in their season. The funny thing was when I got the confirmation email about my audition slot, I responded with "I was also wondering if there was a preferred style of dress for the audition". To my awkward embarassment he revealed to me that he hadn't been asked that question in 10 years, so you know, keeping it real awkward in Chicago since 2011. But i'm glad I did, as I am used to dressing quite nicely for auditions and they are more laid back, I was instructed to just "look like myself". I've begun preparing, but it's something i'm trying not to think too hard about - I know how to audition, this is what i've been training to do. Just have to pretend that i'm at the good ol' Steve's School for Chicks auditioning with all my friends. Who knows - maybe i'll make friends!

 That has been the hardest thing about adjusting to this move - I don't know a lot of people. I keep telling myself that if I can just get through this month I have a lot of good coming the beginning of September. But it's definitely a challenge. I have been working very hard to find a day job as well as auditions and though that does take up a lot of my time it is hard not to focus on the fact that this city is so large, and I went from such a small town with close friends (not to mention college where all of us were sisters) to... well... barely knowing anyone. I've been setting small tasks for myself throughout the week. Monday I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, Tuesday was the Magnificent Mile, and so on. One thing I have found through all of this is a connection more to art, to wanting to get out there and audition. I find myself watching movies studying the actors, trying to look at it from their creative point of view, it's something we were told to do in our Film Class. A one Dan Schultz's words float in my head a lot, "don't just say you liked it, figure out why, what did that actor do?" Perhaps this lag in activity will help me when it comes to auditioning. 

So, sorry4eva for this super emo post. Reading over this I feel like instead of squarespace I should be on xanga.