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what an eye opener!

Well today was extremely productive, but also pretty eye opening in to the real world. I had two engagements today: a temp/permanent job agency interview and an open casting call at a modeling agency. I guess i'll start off with the less-artsy but still super important aspect: the day job (dun dun dunnnn).

I had sent my resume in to a few temp/permanent agencies for job placement & thankfully heard back from The Chicago Hire Company the day after I sent my resume in. After a brief conversation about my previous work history & how I am completely new to the city, I was scheduled for an interview the following day (today) at 11 am! This is something extremely exciting today since I have literally been spending most days in my apartment hanging out with my cat, Duke Phillip of Wellington. I took the 151 down to South Water Street and walked over to an immaculate building on East Wacker. After a brief farcical struggle with the elevator I was able to make it up with minutes to spare & can I say it is amazing the people you meet if you aren't afraid to talk. Chatting with the receptionist he told me about his small film production company that is filming a pilot soon! See kiddos? There are artists EVERYWHERE! Anyways, the interview went really well, just going over schedules & likes/dislikes & strengths. After about 15 minutes I was on my way!

First, as requested by Rachael, you can find my expectations of my modeling click here.

So now on to the modeling agency. I had my photos printed, my resume ready, my smile & bare essentials make up on. I'm feeling super fierce with a finger snap included. I'm ready to answer questions. I take the hour & fifteen minute train ride+walk to the agency, come inside & fill out the questionnaire. After about five minutes portfolios were collected to look at while we waited in the lobby. Another five minutes pass & I hear my name called. This.Is.Not.A.Good.Thing. Contrary to what I thought originally. The girl brings me back my portfolio with a "Sorry, you're not what we're looking for. You can go." I had just put on my heels too. So now I had to juggle these pictures, two pairs of shoes, & my broken pride as I shuffled out the door with the other unwanteds. Now this is something that I need to mention, looking around me I realized they ushered all of the normal size girls out. I am by no means fat (unlike Duke Phillip of Wellington who is giving the food bowl a longing glance right now), but I am definitely curvy. I have a healthy figure for my height, I work out every day & only my thighs move independently of my body when I walk - & even those are getting in line. I enjoy a good eat fest with my marine boyfriend when he's in town, I've never turned down something covered in ketchup. I refuse to make myself unhealthy to succeed in this business. & perhaps that will be my downfall. There is never any reason to put your health in danger, in the end it will put your art in danger. As someone who has struggled with an intense eating disorder for over 9 years, this is something I fiercely hold on to now. I think the most surprising thing was that I didn't even get to talk to someone - something I feel pretty embarrassed about now, of course they would do it this way. I just need to readjust my expectations. 

So BMG Models, sorry that you missed this fine piece of ass.

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You are one of my favorites. Get it next time!

August 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRachael

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