Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 10:08PM
The Diverse Arts Project

Poetry by Chris Miner, Spring & Summer 2017


sometimes you just want to die

when you've been dead for months
          or years already

and I can't remember August
          or most of the Fall
and this winter's so long

I remember Iceland
I remember crying in bed
in a tiny blue room
in the middle of the snow

I remember laughing
and fireworks, bonfires, and brennivin
and I was kind because I was desperate
I wanted to live
and you were kind because it was safe
you had the numbers

and flowers die days before they wilt
a final act of beauty and deceit

and I've been fantasizing about all the wrong things
the highway, guns, and pills

I look up and see stars through the pines
but I'm lost
I forgot the ancient ways

stargazing is a pit
I need navigation



Chris is a professional sound engineer living in the mountains of Northern California with his cat, Bella. He’s traveled the world a bit, he loves music, and sometimes makes it and releases it on his label, Mind Altering Records:

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